BREAKING THROUGH  the diet drama ... FOR GOOD!

So are you ready to start eating real foods, instead of dieting, achieving a strong body rather than skinny and establishing balance and moderation instead of deprivation and restriction..

Then let's do this!  

Forget the diets, scale numbers or dress size.

It’s now time to no longer accept less than you deserve

and to finally break the habits

that have been holding you back!

Our Services


This is designed if you are looking to improve your health and diet generally. 


Some examples of what you will receive

  • A general diet diary review for healthier options  

  • Specific nutrients needed for a specific need. Such as how to incorporate probiotics into your diet for gut health 

  • Recipe ideas 

  • Ways to organise and manage your day with food 

  • What foods are needed for a specific symptom such as ‘foods for energy’  

  • An opportunity to ask questions around a particular area


A full nutrition consultation goes into a lot more depth. It can take up to 75 minutes, in which we'll discuss your diet, medical and lifestyle history to gain a better understanding of you personally, and how best to support your needs.


The aim is not about ‘going on a diet’ (which in itself implies that at some point you will come off it). It's more about creating a healthy nutritious lifestyle that you enjoy, that's simple to implement to give you energy, health and vitality. As well as supporting your initial concern. 


Following our session. I will then send you a report showing the identified areas of suggested support and how to implement them using, diet, exercise and lifestyle. This may also include supplement & laboratory test suggestions to gain a comprehensive view of a specific health condition.

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