Trying to lose weight… for the… well can you even count how many times you’ve said it now? I know for me, it was like every Sunday! 

Let’s just say I feel your pain. We just want to press a button to make it happen now, then promise ourselves, God, the universe, whoever. I’ll be healthy after this quick fix – I promise, sound familiar?  

As amazing as that would be, and not to be negative and burst the optimism bubble… but it ain't gonna happen. However fear not all is not lost! 

We can and we will achieve our desired goal, just not by seeking a genie wish to be granted today to get instant results and gratification. 

What will work is just by starting. A word I’ve learnt to love, but one that was far removed from my vocabulary. I had to plan, over think and then suddenly another week had passed without any progress made.

The key word here is progress. We feel happy when we’re progressing and moving forward. So even a small step forward will make you feel good because you've achieved your set target and can build on there. 

Then before you know it, those new habits have become ingrained in you and you don’t even notice them anymore.... ah the dream! 

So let's begin just a few habits to get you started. Leaning in gently without changing too much and feeling overwhelmed.  

1) Eat lean protein

We've heard a lot about various high protein diets. But for our bodies to function properly, we need to incorporate protein with each meal. Protein stabilises blood sugar levels, keeping us full and preventing us from reaching for the chocolate bar!

2) Reduce Sugar 

I say reduce to be practical but the ideal would be to eliminate altogether. A biggie for many people - especially me! I think more than worrying about carbs, fat or calories… is sugar. 

It’s been well documented in recent years but the stats are huge! Sugar has been compared to cocaine for its addiction properties, effects on the brain and weight gain. If we intake too much than the body can utilise, it gets stored as fat. As well as the unwanted weight, it also makes us feel tired, sluggish and causes headaches.

3) Eat real foods and eliminate processed foods 

The best way to break a bad habit it to replace it with a new one. Instead of getting confused with diet foods and fads. Just eat real foods and you’re already a million miles forward. 

Processed foods such as, sausages, ham, sweets, white bread, rip the digestion system from absorbing nutrients. It sucks the energy from us from having to work so hard to excrete the toxins, that everything else gets pushed back! … Welcome food turning into fat because the process has broken down! 

Start by eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats and poultry, nuts, seeds and wholegrains.

Eliminate as much as possible anything prepared in a packet and covered with plastic and you’ll start seeing massive progress!

4) Drink more water and avoid 'diet' sodas 

Another habit we’ve become accustomed too... either for an appetite suppressant, diet alternative or convenience, is drinking diet soda's. We’re thinking we’re doing a good thing but we’re actually making detriments to our health and weight loss goals. 

Why?… Well the artificial sweetener aspartame found in diet soda's has been linked to diabetes, weight gain and the negative impact on the brains antioxidant defence system.  

Replacing these fizzy drinks where possible, with water helps breakdown food in the digestive system helping our metabolism. It also dissolves toxins away from our cells and organs for elimination. 

Make it tasty by adding lemon (another great detox food) and other fruits and herbs to taste.

5)  The 80 / 20 rule  

I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. After all, life is for living and if we start feeling deprived then we feel frustrated and suddenly find ourselves grabbing for the nearest chocolate bar for comfort. 

That’s why I believe you can make some new habits but still enjoy your life. If you fancy a glass of wine – have it. If you at a birthday party, have some cake. Enjoy! But you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t have it every day!  


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