Had a stressful day? Take time for you and have a nice bath with Epsom salts.⁣ ⁣ Epsom salts contain magnesium that help you relax, whilst flushing out toxins, reducing pain and inflammation... caused by stress!⁣

Having an Epsom Salt bath allows the skin to absorb the magnesium. It can help relax muscles including muscles around the skull, helping with headaches and migraines too. ⁣

Magnesium sulphate is anti-inflammatory. It absorbs well by the skin and activates enzymes to help regulate various nutrients, vital for the health such as zinc, potassium and vitamin D.


Add 1 cup to your bath for a max of 20 minutes, a minimum of 15 minutes to allow for optimal absorption. The salts can dehydrate you so I suggest having a glass of filtered water before and after the bath to rehydrate.


After bathing, your skin pores will be more susceptible to absorb more environmental toxins. So be mindful to steer clear of chemicals, such as smoke, pollution and other household chemicals.

Make sure you use 100% sulphate magnesium and avoid if you have an open wound.

Don’t use bath foam or any other soap or chemical in this bath water, instead try adding lavender oil for additional relieve stress

Enjoy… and relax! 💫⁣

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