Sugar. It’s a confusing one isn’t it? With so much hype and research over the last decade or so it’s hard to get your head around. So I’ve put a few bullet points to give you a quick guide…

1. Do we need sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate which is needed to give our blood cells and organs energy. The hormone insulin is used to keep sugar levels under control and within a good healthy range.

2. How much sugar do we need each day?

According to Men require 9 teaspoons per day and Women require 7 teaspoons

3. How many calories are in one teaspoon of sugar (approx 4 grams)?


4. What does stabilising your blood sugar levels mean?

Certain foods and drinks can cause our blood sugar levels to rise. If sugar levels rise too high, our blood vessels become damaged and can lead to diabetes, heart attack, stroke, loss of vision and kidney failure.

5. What happens to excess sugar intake?

Excess sugar is converted to fat for future use. However our fat cells have a certain capacity, once its reached, it causes inflammation which can lead to chronic health conditions such as Diabetes.

6. Best sugar alternatives?

  • Coconut sugar  

  • Raw Honey  - do not heat

  • SteviaDates

  • Maple Syrup

7. Side effects of processed substitute sugars?

Substitute sugars such as; Aspartame, Sucralose and Saccharin can cause long term damage and have the following side effects:

Mood swings


Liver and Kidney dysfunction

8. What is refined Sugar?

Think of refined sugar as the table sugar ‘The white stuff’

They’ve gone through a milling, chemical process that removes any nutritional benefit.

Used in cakes, cookies, sweets, cereal and even fruit (so basically all the tasty nice stuff)!

Refined sugars side effects:


Tooth decay


Poor memory

Some cancers

Great sweet snacks without the loaded white stuff!

Houmous and carrots

Ice cream - Coconut ice cream

Granola with cherry and dates  

Apple and peanut butter

Dark chocolate - at least 70% coco. Cacao is even better but takes some getting used to as It’s very bitter!


Caffeine - yup I know it’s a hard one but caffeine can cause dehydration, sends blood sugar levels through the roof… thus making us crave more sugar - bad times!

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